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Trump’s Tax Returns

July 9, 2020

The Supreme Court did our country a favor today by effectively pushing off release of Trump’s tax returns until after the election.

I know that the people that hate Trump were hoping to have his tax returns released before the election, assuming they would reveal something that could be used against him in the campaign.  I have to say, I’m glad they won’t be released until after the election. 

I absolutely agree that Congress has a right to review Trump’s tax returns, and I agree with the State of New York, that the President is not above the law. 

But releasing his tax returns won’t help to get him defeated, and yes, how the Democrats handle it could actually help get him re-elected.  I want this election to be a referendum on how Trump has done as president, because that’s what we need. Anything that takes focus away from that, from the job he has done over the last three years, does him a favor. And as strange as this might sound, if the Democrats pile on enough, at some point people start believing Trump is being treated unfairly. 

So again, the Supreme Court did our country a favor.