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Trump, Flynn and Conservatives

May 12, 2020

I just am baffled that Trump so hates the FBI, and even more baffled that the President is convincing long time law and order conservatives to hate the FBI along with him. What is going on with the conservative movement? What is going on with Hugh Hewitt?

The President should be thanking the FBI, and yes, Mueller. Because without the Mueller Report, the cloud of collusion would have hung over his administration forever. I’m sorry, but it’s just completely irrational that the President hates the FBI. They did their job, collected the information and answered the questions. And the answer confirmed what the President had said. 

It really seems as if the President has turned hatred of the FBI into some kind of loyalty test. Maybe it’s just my perception but he seems like he is encouraging, even demanding, that conservatives have the same hatred of the FBI that he does. And again, I’m sorry, that’s just completely irrational.

And now the President’s loyalty test extends to the prosecution of General Michael Flynn for lying to the FBI.