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Your Smart Friends that Believe Voter Fraud Happened

January 23, 2021

I’ve got some really smart friends that still insist Biden won the election because of voting fraud.  You might have some friends like that, too. 

I know it’s hard not to jump right to outrage, to ask them how someone as smart as they could believe something so untrue.  Fight the temptation.  Instead, engage them on the subject.  Ask them how many votes they believe were cast fraudulently.  Go through the different kinds of voting fraud.  Ask them which kind of fraud happened.  They probably won't have an answer for you, but they will appreciate that you didn't jump right to the name calling.  And who knows, maybe go a step further.  There is a factual truth and an emotional truth to most situations.  For many Trump voters, the emotional truth is that the System ganged up against Trump to ensure he wasn't reelected.  Acknowledge that there is some truth to that, even if there was no actual fraud.  Your friendship will probably be better for it.  Our democracy certainly will be.