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The Tiny Lie at the Start of Medicare for All Conversations

January 31, 2021

Pretty much every conversation about Medicare for All starts with a tiny fib.  That tiny fib is the name, Medicare for All.  The Medicare for All Act does NOT propose Medicare for all.  What is being proposed by the progressive wing of the Democratic Party is actually Medicaid for all.  

Any way you slice it, we have a healthcare proposal that has very little in common with Medicare, but everything in common with Medicaid, and yet its backers call it Medicare for all instead of Medicaid for all.

Why would the Medicare for All crowd purposely mislabel their plan?  Because if Progressive are honest about what they are proposing, it will have even less support.  So instead of being truthful, Progressives chose a misleading name.  They chose to tell a tiny fib.

This is, unfortunately, kind of a recurring theme of the modern progressive movement.  They feel entirely comfortable telling tiny little fibs to get people to support their positions.  To get people to support policies that the progressives feel are good for them.  Maybe it’s just me, but it feels like progressives are willing to lie to me, for my own good.  As if I couldn’t figure out what was good for me if they actually told me the truth.