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Sen. Warren and Medicare For All

May 23, 2020

Elizabeth Warren, one of the proponents of Medicare for All, has started talking about fixing Obamacare instead of tearing it out by the root and starting over again. And that’s a good thing for the Democratic Party and our country.

I know that the Medicare for All supporters have nothing but the best intentions, and I know that a government monopoly on healthcare has certain advantages. But promising Medicare as that monopoly healthcare system is not realistic, and it’s border line misleading – it’s a promise that isn’t connected to the reality of modern healthcare.

Medicare’s cost management strategies are based on the fact that every Medicare recipient is near the end of life. Medicare has no strategies in place for managing the beginning of life, or the middle of life. It has no reason to.  We do have a government health plan for people that aren’t seniors. It’s called Medicaid. So if we do move to a national healthcare plan, do you really think it’s going to be Medicare, literally the most expensive healthcare coverage in the world? Or do you think it’s going to be the least expensive we have, Medicaid, that’s actually set up for people that aren’t seniors?